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"Disrupted" - Dan Lyons

This book was shockingly entertaining. It made fun of all the things I usually brag about working in AdTech (you know, like the unlimited free beer & ping pong tables!). Dan highlighted his personal accounts of sexism, ageism, the changing of career-ism within an AdTech startup. The mind fucks, the politics, the moral conflicts he describes reminded me of at least one time in my career. A lot of folks who have read this book expressed their sudden urge to leave AdTech and do something "more meaningful". Others detailed how Dan was simply a dramatic over the hill spoiled White man who didn't know what he was talking about. Me? I think Dan's story highlighted several truths about AdTech, none of which made me want to quit my job. Instead, they made me want to get better at my job, contribute more to the culture & who knows, maybe write my own book one day.