Slightly turnt, mostly chill, always ready.

What is the only constant?

Feels like just yesterday we were all posting memes about January being the longest year ever.

Now here we are, roughly 3 months in 2019. It's been a reflective time, especially without social media to distract me. Im being forced to be present.

It's wild annoying & oddly calming to be present, especially with a lot of changes happening. A few of those are:

  • My body - ya girl is fluffy right now. Probably the heaviest I've been since I was 13 (I was a fat kid).
  • My apartment - the decorating is so real for me right now. New candles from Posh Candle Co are clutch right now!
  • My spirit - she's getting calmer with each day, learning to be still among the chaos.

Change is the constant. You get "skinny". You break out. You put up curtains. You replace the pillows. You cry yourself to sleep.You dance until your feet hurt.

Don't avoid change. Face it. Especially when it's represented as something you don't particularly like. That discomfort is the push of evolution. JM.