Slightly turnt, mostly chill, always ready.

The prodigal son

Note - this was originally written 3/6/2019

My pronouns are she/her but ive always wanted to use that phrase.

Night #1 & I... I don't remember the airport feeling so small. Probably because my fondest memories of the SDQ airport are from my childhood. The world seemed much bigger then.

If I could paint a picture of what I'm feeling, imagine Drake's Take Care album art. Minus Drake, a pen, paper or a fancy ass living room. I took a bath for the first time in a decade straight from the bucket. No steaming hot water like in LA. The first pouring of room temperature water felt like being woken from a foggy dream. It was crisp. Refreshing. I felt. I feel, alive. Agripina, who I still need to figure out how we're related, made me a home remedy for my cold with leaves fresh off of a tree in the backyard. It felt like drinking a warm hug.

Her house brought me back to my childhood. The blue galloon of water on the tiled counter top. The stove that you always light with a match. Pictures in the living room that tell stories of graduations & relatives passed. Diplomas from the grandchildren.

I feel so safe, I never want to leave. JM.