Slightly turnt, mostly chill, always ready.


Being the first comes with its own challenges.

The first to be born here. The first to speak English. The first to fill out government paperwork. The first to go to college. The first to make a certain amount of money.

There's no blueprint & as freeing/innovative as that is, you end up in situations where you have no idea what to do.

No idea that adult senior living can be upwards of $4k a month. No idea of what second opinions to look into. No idea.

For the majority of her 57 years of life, Mami has had to create an idea where there was none.

Raising kids. Marrying outside the culture. Becoming the breadwinner after an accident. Burying her husband, her father, her brother.

No instruction manuals.

She said to me today "I wish everyday was my birthday. Actually, it is. Because everyday we have a new opportunity".

You might not have any idea today, but tomorrow could spark 1,000 of them. Hold on. JM.