Slightly turnt, mostly chill, always ready.


This is my 4th round at doing this website thing. Actually, maybe my 5th if you count my senior project back in '09. Each time, I've had this feeling of "just right". The logo being "just right". My writing being "just right". How often I post being "just right".
That level of self imposed pressure mixed with severe lack of discipline has led me to this moment.

Lent is upon us. For those you who have either said eff it to your Catholic upbringing or have other religious roots, this time of year probably means very little.

You'll see people (myself included) talk about what they are giving up for 40 days. Two years in a row I gave up drinking (I think that's cheating but I felt great). This year I'm giving up social media. How millennial of me, I know. I've also done this before so it's not "new". Coinciding with the 2019 Lent kick off, is a trip I'm taking to the Dominican Republic.  Also nothing new about that for me.

So why am I taking the time to give up something I've given up & travel to place I've traveled to before? Three reasons:

1) I know when my soul needs space to refuel. The interwebs is what I built my career on & yet I find that I need time away from it because it's exhausting.
2) Facing one of my biggest fears, seeing my fathers grave. March 9th will mark 10yrs since he passed and I have never seen his resting place. I'm sure the "what kind of daughter are you?" thoughts are running through your mind (trust me, they run through mine daily). To answer you, I'm a daughter who from 2009 to date was so afraid to come to terms with the reality that is death that she's avoided making peace with her father's passing.
3) Flexing my writing muscle past 250 characters and quirky IG captions.

I'm disconnecting from the rabbit hole of scrolling to connect with myself & in a weird way with you reading this right now.

The themes will be random. The grammar probably shit. Either in the comments or via email, shoot me your thoughts on what pour out into the world.