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Algos in flight

Let's face it, algorithms run our fucking lives. What to buy, watch, listen. The machines run us. For some people, that's scary. I welcome that shit because I don't mind the machines "reading my mind" and serving me ads based on a conversation I dreamt I had with my best friend about new sneakers.

What I need from the algos is for them not to go away but rather work in spaces that currently are currently painful. One space in particular, in the air.

Thanks to countless apps you get alerts on optimal purchase time for that next get away, which saves you the headache of having to keep track of cost changes. Other apps save all your information and reward you for excellent behavior aka signing up for that card or flying 100,000 miles in 6 months.

So why haven't the apps figured out how to save the fluffy stuff? Like I enjoy sleeping and I snore or I prefer to not chat at all on planes or (and this is my favorite) WAKE ME UP WHEN IT'S SNACK TIME! That would save me a lot of unpleasantness to be matched in the skies with seat mates based on preferences.

This could get tricky though. Like saying you didn't want to sit next to a parent flying with a kid or someone who smokes. It'd bring to the skies all the prejudice feelings we already have.

If that's the trade off, I guess the algos can leave flight alone. For now. JM.